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Tracks: New 
Volume Purchasing LOW – LOW Pricess  sold at dealer cost with kit

Update your 08-10 Nytro from 153″ to the new 162″ Camoplast Challenger Extreme  2 1/4″ x 162″.

Complete Kit with Track:     $ 1180.00

Warning:  If you are running a 2 1/2″ Camoplast Challenger Extreme track, we have found that you must cut it down to 2 1/4″ due to clearance issues between the front cooler and  the lower exhaust pan.  At high track speeds, the snow and air cannot pass thru and this slows down the track speed down and looses horse power.

We stock all sizes to fit all makes: 121″, 136″, 141″, 144, 151″, 156″, 159″ and 162″ with Track Heights of 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″. 2″ and 2 1/4″2 1/2 available for YAMAHA, Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski Doo.


Designed for western snow conditions.
The ULTRA high-performance deep snow track.

The All New 144″ x 2″ and 151″ x 2″ Challengers from Camoplast feature a squared off, thicker at the tip, stiffer lug design for better traction in harder snow conditions without sacrificing the performance of the west’s undisputed powder king, the Camoplast Challenger.



Anti Rachet Drivers
New anti ratchet drivers allow you to run your track much looser, eliminating binding and drag in long travel suspensions. This allows for more horsepower directly to the track.
Anti Ratchet Drivers (set of 2) from $195.00
OEM Drivers (set of 4) from $170.00


Anti Rachet Drivers

updated 7/20/2016