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Track Kits

Long Track Kits Available

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141″ 2000 Update Kit
Yamaha dealers #1 choice 141″ 2000 update fits 1997-1999 Mountain Max Updates your 136″ to the 141″ with 2000 type geometry.$270.00 plus track

144″ 2000 Update Kit
fits 1997-1999 Mountain Max. Updates from 136″ to the 144″ 2000 type geometry. $340.00 plus track 

141″ to 144″ 2000-2001 Update Kit
144″ 2000-2001 Mountain Max gives you a bigger “foot print” and wider choice of tracks. New fully clipped Camoplast 2.25 “finger” track and 2″ Mountain/hill climb track. $100.00 plus track 

Free Upgrade from 141″ to 144″
A Hartman Inc. Customer Appreciation. Note: This will only work with 141″ Kits manufactured by Hartman Inc.1997-1999 mountain max

SRX, SX, XTC V-Max Update Kit
SRX, SX, XTC, V-Max 1997-2005 update kit 121″ to 136″$495.00 plus track 

V-max Long Track Update Kits
For 1997-2005 Vmax Owners of Custom Long Track Kits Depending of length and options. $495.00 plus track 

updated 7/26/2016