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SXR – SRX Performance Equipment – Long Track Kits Same as Viper

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Custom Long Track Kits – 121″ to 136″144″ 151″ Complete Kit (see the Kits Available)
Polaris P-85 type complete clutch from $435.00
Light Weight Canisters from $270.00
Clutch Kits – Primary from $195.00
Secondary Clutch – Computer Helix from $170.00
Team Roller Cluctch from $455.00
Hiperfax from $210.00
High Performance Belts from $130.00
Quiet Triple Pipes 25 hp., 76.1 dB. from $925.00
Ceramic Coating from $400.00

Hartman Inc. Installation Guide

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Installation instructions

Kit parts photo

Kit parts inventory

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updated 7/26/2016