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Summer Supercharger Sale

200+ H.P on Pump Gas Kits
Supercharger Kit Retail $5424.00

Cold Air Intake $130.00  no charge

High Flow By-Pass Valve Kit $299.00 no charge

Summer Nytro Sale $4995.00

Apex $5295.00

Keep It Simple Supercharger
Nytro and Apex Superchargers


Yamaha 200 H.P. On Pump Gas  

Supercharger kits have a multitude of advantages: One day installation, no motor tear down, linear power with no lag and no under the hood heat to melt plastic parts and wiring issues.
This Nytro or Apex Supercharger kit, designed by Mac Randolph of MPI and a team of experienced engineers, is a simple bolt on supercharger kit that runs on 92 octane pump gas. It will give your Nytro, or Apex  200HP+ from sea level to 10,000 ft in elevation and unlike the complex installation and tuning problems with the Turbocharger application, this supercharger kit takes half the time and effort to install. No need for motor removal or teardown. The supercharger kit has very low under hood heat buildup, and you do not have to install new gas tank or cut up your sled.


We also have been using a high flow by-pass valve from 2003 to date this makes the sled more user friendly and increase the fuel economy dramatically. With the addition of the cold air intake kit we have less heat buildup in the system.  (More Power) 


Optional 220 + HP Nytro or 240+ HP Apex is also available with a simple pulley change and the use of 110 octane race fuel.   

Stage I kits are intended for a maximum of 11 PSI (slightly less at extreme altitudes over 10,000 ft).  At 10 to 11 PSI we recommend all models use a 50/50 mix of Premium Gas (92+ R+M/2 Octane) and Race Gas (110+ Motor Octane) – or better yet 100% race gas. Kits can be run at 5-7lbs of boost (recommend 5psi at sea level).  Each pound of boost is equal to approximately a 10HP increase, so when decreasing boost to run pump gas, you can apply that information to determine HP.  Stage 1 Nytro produces 220HP at 11PSI the Apex is shipping at 240+HP at 10 pounds of boost.        

Complete bolt-in supercharger kit

Hartman Inc. will provide each supercharger kit with proper pulleys for your personal application along with a high flow bypass valve kit and cold air intake kit and a custom programmable fuel controller. 

All at no charge to you with a supercharger order. 

Custom built clutching starts at $190.00. 

 “Serious Performance Calls for Serious Measures”   

normally aspirated motor looses 3% of its h.p. per 1,000 ft. of elevation gain.

 Example: The stock Nytro at sea level has 135 h.p. At 10,000 ft, the same stock nytro has only 95 h.p. 208-468-1073

supercharger  low 2005_supercharger_kit

Now Available

Upgrade your Yamaha 180 Kit to 200+ h.p. on pump gas. 

This kit allows you to run pump gas and increases performance by cooling the intake air for more horsepower.  The kit includes: custom intercooler, programmable ECU controller, cold air intake and pulleys.


Supercharger and Set-up Kit

2008-13 Nytro $4995.00
2006-13 Apex  $5295.00

Supercharger Kits

Apex and Nytro


The Nytro and Apex boasts a consumer friendly 200+ h.p. on premium 92+ octane pump gas. For those desiring more horsepower, 220-240 h.p. Is possible on 50% race gas and a simple pulley change is all that is required.

Stage 1 Nytro produces 220HP at 11PSI.


This kit was designed by a team of experienced engineers with 4 specific goals in mind:

Easy Install: The consumer installs pre-assembled sub systems that typically take a Saturday to install. No need for motor Removal or teardown.
Dependable HP: Build on the awesome reliability of the Yamaha 4-stroke based motors.

Tuning and setup: This supercharger kit has great power with excellent drivability and easy tuning.
Instantaneous Throttle Response: The sled is just easer to ride in the trees, with a power curve that is smooth and predictable. There is zero lag.

Superchargers and Elevation Changes:

A normally aspirated motor looses 3% of its h.p. per 1,000 ft. of elevation gain.

Example: The stock Nytro at sea level has 135 h.p. At 10,000 ft, the same stock Nytro has 95 h.p.

A supercharger kit makes your Yamaha have big h.p. at any elevation.

Nytro and Apex

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q – Why is a supercharger better then turbos? The supercharger has great power with excellent drivability with easy tuning. The sled is just easier to ride in the trees and has a smooth and predictable power curve. Superchargers also have very low under hood heat buildup and you don’t lose any fuel capacity.

Q – What if I sell the sled, and want to keep my supercharger? “It is completely reversible”

Q – Are Superchargers and Turbochargers equal in efficiency? Yes, for all practical applications. For out and out maximum horsepower a Turbo is capable of making about 10% more power. Nearly 400HP has been demonstrated on the RX-1 with a Racing only Turbo but there is no power advantage for the consumer desiring 200 to 300HP on the Yamaha 4 stroke.

Q – Does a Supercharger Have Lag? No, none what so ever. Turbos have lag, because it takes time for the exhaust to spool up the turbo. A Supercharger, being driven directly by the motor, has zero lag time. In fact, a Supercharger has anti-lag. It is many times MORE responsive than any normally aspirated sled. When you are asked to think of the most powerful internal combustion engine you can, a Top Fuel Dragster should pop into your mind. They produce over 8000HP. They also run blowers…all of them. This instantaneous response can be a significant advantage for someone who is continuously on and off the throttle, which is typical of mountain riding.

Q – Do I have to modify the stock frame to install a blower? Yes. You have to remove two tabs on the inside of the delta box. It is a very simple process and does affect the structure integrity.

Q – Can a do-it-yourselfer install this kit? Yes! Although this is a fairly complex product, installation is a snap. If you can install a set of pipes, you can install our blower kit. Typical, first time installation will take a Saturday. Everything happens under the hood, you DO NOT remove the seat, exhaust or gas tank. This unit comes in pre-assembled sub systems to ease installation. No need for motor removal or teardown.

supercharger_install_1 supercharger_install_2

Q – Will I have problems jetting this kit? NO! Since the boost is instantaneous, there is nothing funny going on with the fuel management. We simply add a metered increase in fuel delivery as a direct relation to the boost. There is actually less variation in the air/fuel ratio than a stock sled.

Q – What clutching changes do I have to make? Hartman inc. will offer each supercharger kit with a custom jetting and clutching package to fit your individual application.

Q – My state has laws against modifying the exhaust system. Will this kit effect the noise level of the sled? NO! There is absolutely no modification required to the stock exhaust. All advertised performance numbers are through the stock exhaust. On back to back dyno runs with open exhaust and stock exhaust the sled produced exactly 231HP on both runs. Aftermarket exhaust is OK if you want to loose more weight, but be careful, some of the products out there don’t work as well as the stock system; you could actually loose some power.

Q – What kind of durability does the supercharger itself have? There are no recorded failures with this units 2 year plus history. It has been used on motorcycles and larger versions with identical designs are used on cars. This unit actually packs a warranty that is not voided with off-road use. Off-road applications have a 90 day warranty and on-road units have a 150,000 mile 10 year warranty.

Q – How can this kit produce equal or greater horse power than turbo kits on the market? Simple, contrary to popular belief, turbos are NOT free horsepower. If you don’t believe this, just take off your turbo’s air box and setup the carbs stock and go ride the sled with the turbo still in the exhaust pipe. We have dyno tested this exact scenario for both turbos and blowers. Turbos take less power to drive than blowers, but there is less than 12HP difference. System design and compressor efficiency are key factors when choosing the system that is right for you.

Apex Supercharger Nytro Supercharger
apex_supercharger nytro_supercharger

Supercharger Specifications
Nytro and Apex

Centrifugal Supercharger:

It is exactly the same as the compressor side of a turbo. The Compressor’s impeller is driven directly by the motor (where a turbo’s compressor impeller is driven by a second impeller in the exhaust). Typical impeller speed is 154,000 rpm (180,000 max). Internal speed multiplication is 12.7:1. This is accomplished with a state-of-the-art “traction drive” unit. It functions like an automatic car transmission using sun, planets and ring. There are no internal gears, belts or other types of mechanical connections. This eliminates the need for bearings or bushings running at 180,000 rpm (like a turbo). Input speed to the blower is 11,800 rpm well under the maximum rating of the belt. This unit is capable of boost numbers in excess of 20psi. This unit carries a 3 month warranty for off road application. On road warranty is 150,000 miles or 10 years. Lubrication is accomplished with a special high grade type of transmission fluid. The unit utilizes positive pressure created by boost as well as an internal pump to circulate the fluid. This is a closed loop system.

Belt Drive System:

It is connected directly to the crank and transmitted to the blower via a belt drive system. A stub shaft is connected to the end of the crankshaft on the magneto side of the motor. Strength is a null issue. The stub shaft is stronger and more durable than the crankshaft itself. Internal crank end sizing and bearing will support 8 times the horsepower that is actually used to drive the blower. The OEM side cover is not modified. Simply unscrew a plastic plug and screw in our Viton seal unit. It’s that simple. A cog belt design was chosen due to long life, no chance of slippage due to tension or snow and minimal tension requirements. Belt construction is the same design used in snowmobile belt drives. Although only 20mm wide (snowmobile belt drives are 60mm wide), our belt sports a safety factor 3-1/2 times higher than the industry accepted belt drive, since we are transmitting less than 20HP and belt drives transmit over 200HP. The systems plumbing, although simple, is 1st class. All components are aluminum with stainless clamps. The Charge Air Tube (or CAC tube) is mandrel bent aluminum and less than 12″ long. All connections are made with silicone hose and stainless Tee Clamps. The Intercooler / Air box design is also constructed entirely of aluminum and utilizes and intercooler core capable of supplying motors over 300HP. The unit is placed directly under the front hood vent for maximum cooling efficiency. Pressure drop across the core is less than 1/2lb. Air intake temperatures are typically between 0 and 10 degrees above the ambient air temperature. Connection to the OEM carbs is an optimized design employing silicone hose & stainless constant tension clamps. This design can sustain boost numbers in excess of 25 psi.

supercharger_install_03 supercharger_belt

Automotive EFI style Fuel system:

Our system employs the same electric pump used on OEM Ford automobiles. Durability meets stringent ISO-9000 and automotive A-100 quality standards. Power to the pump is electronically controlled. It only supplies the pump power while the motor is actually running or while the engine is cranking to start. If the motor stops, so does the fuel pump; no key or kill required! All electrical connections are made by plugging into or bolting onto the OEM wiring system. No splices are used and no wires are cut! The entire fuel system uses Extra Heavy Duty Tygon(tm) fuel line. This line maintains extreme flexibility under the harshest temperature changes and is impervious to any fuel or fuel additives. All connections are made with constant tension stainless hose clamps. OEM soft rubber Tee connections to the carbs are eliminated and replaced with internal o-ring billet aluminum Tees. These are also available as an upgrade kit for other applications. Exhaust remains 100% stock. The system is compatible with all after market exhaust systems, but advertised horsepower numbers are achieved through stock exhaust. All dyno numbers and other advertised performance statistics were obtained through the OEM exhaust.

Oiling systems:

The OEM oil tank is replaced with an aluminum tank. The tank mounts in exactly the same location using the same bolts as the stock tank. All connections to the tank remain stock including all hoses, dip stick and low oil warning system. The new tanks capacity is only 3% less than the OEM tank. The blower’s oiling system is self-contained. It employs an external filter and reservoir. This allows the owner to easily check the oil level. Oil changes are recommended once a year or every 50,000 miles (which ever comes 1st). The blower system includes an electronic temperature warning circuit that ties directly into the sleds electrical system. In case of an overheat situation both a warning symbol and the check engine symbol illuminate in the OEM Multifunction display.

Blower and drive mounting:

Components are made of billet aluminum and connect 100% into existing bolt holes. The system includes a new Odyssey Gel Cell Battery. This piece weighs less than the OEM battery and offers the same performance. There is no liquid acid to spill allowing the battery to be mounted in any orientation. It carries a full 2 year warranty (unlike the OEM unit).

supercharger_install_01 supercharger_install_02

Apex: Installation photos

apex_supercharge_1 apex_supercharge_2


apex_supercharge_4 apex_supercharge_3

Nytro: Installation photos

nytro_supercharge_1 nytro_supercharge_2



updated 6/28/2012