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Scratchers and Skis

Stop Hyfax Wear and Over Heating

Universal Scratchers for Skis

After testing different types of ski scratchers over the last 29 years, we have found that the ski mounted scratchers work the best. They kick up the snow and ice in front of the hyfax so the track and suspension is lubed through out and reaching the heat exchanger for better cooling, unlike the rail mounted scratchers that only lube the back half of the suspension and risk damaging the track edge. They will mount to the spindle bolt, thru the plastic ski bottom or thru the ski bucket. This universal scratcher is designed to fit all ski models using one of the described mounting methods.
Ski Scratchers (set) $ 56.00
scratchers001 scratchers003
scratchers005 scratchers007


Simmons Skis


Simmons Flexi-Ski is the best ski on the market!   These skis have a concave design between the wear bars which help eliminate darting and gives you better control and flotation.   The Skis includes mounting buckets and free cutter carbides.  Available only in black.

Cutter carbides and buckets at no charge

Simmons Flexi-Ski  6”w                        $430.00

Simmons Gen II Flexi-Ski  10”w         $480.00

Simmons Gen III Flexi-Ski  8”w         $460.00 208-468-1073


updated 9/20/15