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Hartman Inc. in the News

by admin on July 16, 2013

Hartman Inc. in the News

Hartman ’97 to ’99 Mountain Max Update Kit
New sled performance at a fraction of the price.

Bend, Oregon, USA – August 18, 2000

This review originally appeared on is reprinted with permission of Maximum Sled Magazine

Do you own a Mountain Max and tired of pushing and trenching through the snow? Don’t be vertically challenged any more. Update your ’97 to ’99 600 or 700 Mountain Max to the new 2000 type geometry and 141″ x 2″ track with the Hartman Mountain Max Update Kit.

Long track guru, Tom Hartman, has developed a kit that improves the track approach angle by 14 degrees, which will allow your Mountain Max to get on top of the snow instead of plowing through it.

The Hartman kit includes tunnel extension, a long list of hardware and all the instructions necessary to complete the project. Four pages of easy to read and follow instructions along with 3 pages of color photos make this 4-hour modification a snap. All of the parts, including tunnel extension, tunnel template and rear mounting plates fit up perfectly. Talk about attention to detail — even the 3/16″ X .25″ steel rivets supplied in the kit have the heads painted black to match the tunnel. However, if your sled came with 9-tooth drivers, you will also need to replace them with a set of 8- tooth drivers for front cooler and tunnel clearance.

Finally Mother Nature blessed us with enough snow to put the test sled through some deep powder testing. The metamorphosis of this sled was nothing short of amazing. In simple terms — it kicks ass!! A truly deep powder sled emerged from its cocoon with this easy modification.

The relaxed track angle approach enable the sled float over the snow rather that plow through it as in the past. The longer deeper track significantly enhances the Mountain Max’s deep powder handling and climbing abilities without compromising its trail handling characteristics. The track’s serrated lug profile and 3- lug repeating pattern enables the sled to cling to the sidehill. The Hartman tapered tunnel extension provides increased deep snow clearance.

We ran the ’97 Mountain Max test sled side by side with a new Yamaha 2000 Mountain Max 600 in all types of terrain and snow conditions. We found that the ’97’s improved performance characteristics rivaled that of the new 2000.

If you own a ’97 to ’99 Yamaha Mountain Max 600 or 700 and don’t have the budget for a new sled, then this kit is for you at $ 270.00. “2001 model year performance at a fraction of the price.”

This review originally appeared on is reprinted with permission of Maximum Sled Magazine.



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