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There is no replacement for displacement

750cc big bore puts you in the neighborhood of 86 ft/lb. torque and 140hp at 8600-RPM with pipes, reeds, trail porting, and boost bottle kit.

Where your see the most improvement is not at peak but in the bottom-end, increases of 30-40ft/lb. torque and 40-50hp at 6000-RPM.  $475.00(Parts Only)

Our custom porting and head work adds 10-14hp and 6-9 ft lbs or torque to your sled with “stock” reliability. Through extensive testing on our shop sleds, we have found a balance between high horsepower and reliability. All porting is hand profiled and headwork is CNC machine cut to maintain proper squish band and volume. Beware of just flat cutting the head to increase compression. You have to re-cut the squish band also. We have recognized detonation problems through testing, caused by not enough clearance at the outer edges of the squish band if it is not re-cut. Porting starts at $650.00


Big Bore Kit

Let your triple breath like it should, add SLP “Quiet Triple Pipes” for a gain of 25HP at only 76.1dB. (stock dB 75.2) $920.00


SLP Quiet Triple Pipes

Ceramic Coatings

Coating transfers heat evenly throughout the pipe for more consistent performance.
Reduces under hood temps by keeping the heat in the pipe.
Look’s good. Prevents corrosion. Starting at $400.00


Ceramic Coated Pipes

updated 9/11/2015