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Yamaha with Polaris Clutching

Yamaha_with_Polaris_Clutching__1Polaris Primary Clutch

We offer a reliable and very tunable balanced Polaris heavy duty custom P-85 Primary Clutch for the Apex, RX-1, Nytro and all other Yamaha models. The Polaris clutch offers a wide range of tuning components for the enormous amount of torque generated by the 4 strokes. This allows for the ability to setup the clutch for exact engagement and shift RPM.

Polaris P-85                                                    Primary Clutch $ 599.00

Yamaha Install Kit               $ 20.00

Custom Setup: Weights     $195.00

Sierra Exif JPEGTEAM- LW Secondary Clutch

New for Yamaha last year, the LW “Rapid Reaction” roller secondary from TEAM Performance! Snow tested by, “Snow Tech Magazine” Oct/Nov issue. This new secondary features an encapsulated slotted roller helix that maintains contact between the roller and helix regardless of engine pull and torque, especially in abrupt load changing conditions. Dyno testing revealed a 7-8 horsepower increase across the midrange acceleration. Each TEAM helix has two “sets” of ramp angles to cover the full range of deep powder and spring riding conditions. Each clutch will come complete with custom setup for your personal riding style and sled modifications.

TEAM- LW Performance Secondary Clutch with Complete Custom Setup


Yamaha_with_Polaris_Clutching__3 Yamaha_with_Polaris_Clutching__4 Yamaha_with_Polaris_Clutching__5