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Yamaha Custom Clutch Set-up

Yamaha Custom Clutch Set-up is the most dramatic improvement you can do to your Yamaha

Custom Primary Clutch Set-up

Yamaha_Custom_Clutch__1We are disappointed in Yamaha’s primary clutch setup for the 4-stroke engine, the torque, RPM and horsepower characteristics are very different than the 2-stroke engines. We have found thru testing by using different profile weights and spring a major improvement in acceleration and backshift. I ask each buyer about rider weight, altitude, and other variables so I can build a complete clutch kit that will work best for the individual customer’s sled. Clutch rollers and bushings may need to be changed on some applications. This is a very big improvement on all sleds to have a proper custom clutch setup.

Custom Primary Clutch Set-up starts at $195.00

Custom Secondary Clutch Set-up

Yamaha_Custom_Clutch__2We have found that Yamaha’s secondary clutch has room for great improvement. By running custom cut billet helix designed specially for the 4-stroke motor, we have found great improvements, “out of the hole”, top end speed, up shift and backshift. Each helix is custom cut designed specifically whether you race the trails or on deep powder.

Custom Billet Helix $170.00

TEAM-LW Performance Secondary Clutch for Yamaha

Yamaha_Custom_Clutch__3New for Yamaha this year, the “Rapid Reaction-LW” roller secondary from TEAM Performance! Snow tested by, “Snow Tech Magazine” Oct/Nov issue. This new secondary features an encapsulated slotted roller helix that maintains contact between the roller and helix regardless of engine pull and torque, especially in abrupt load changing conditions. Dyno testing revealed a 7-8 horsepower increase across the midrange acceleration. Each TEAM helix has two “sets” of ramp angles to cover the full range of deep powder and spring riding conditions. Each clutch will come complete with custom setup for your personal riding style and sled modifications. Nytro requires special shaft. Not available for new Phazer

TEAM Performance Secondary Clutch with Custom Setup $465.00

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