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Primary and Secondary Clutch set-ups

I will custom build you a Primary and secondary to match your sled and riding style along with matching the gearing, this is one of the biggest improvements on the Yamaha. We use a set of archer fly weights with are muck more aggressive then the factory flat arch weights. We also use the New XS-805 belts that are a softer compound and will not cut into the sheaves (Grove) or over heat your clutch. Less slipping is also more power to the track and less clutch damage.

Supercharger/Turbo 4-stroke Adjustable Custom Clutch Weights

Primary_and_Secondary_Clutch_Set-ups__1New heavier custom primary clutch weights that are adjustable with Yamaha rivets with an aggressive curve that controls the primary throughout the power band to maintain proper RPM’s.

Custom Primary

Clutch Weights set  start at $195.00

Custom Spring $ 35.00

Rivets (each)    $ 2.00

Carlisle XS-805 for big H.P. sleds

Sierra Exif JPEGThe Yamaha 8DN is a very hard compound belt. It causes excessive slippage in the clutch sheaves, which means loss of acceleration and wasted horsepower. The excessive slippage causes excessive heat and heat cracking, and will cut groves into the sheaves over time. This is a dangerous situation and the sheaves will need replacing. The cure for these problems is a softer compound Carlisle belt. The 8DN may last forever but the loss in performance is not worth it. 208-468-1073