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2008-2014 Nytro Simmons Skis and skid

2008-2014 Nytro Simmons Skis

The New Simmons Gen II Ski and the standard Simmons Flexi-Ski are the best skis on the market! These skis have a concave design between the wear bars which help eliminate darting and gives you better control and flotation. The New Simmons Gen II ski are the ultimate powder ski with a 10 inch ski surface. Available only in black.

Simmons Flexi-Ski Gen I 6”w $450.00

Simmons Gen II Ski 10”w $495.00

Simmons Gen III Ski 8”w $475.00

(Includes nytro brackets and 4” cutter carbides) No charge

Stop the trenching with a 17 to 20 degree approach angle.

Complete Light Weight Bolt in Skid Suspension

Nytro Apex

This is the best designed complete bolt in skid in the market today.

  • This skid bolts into all factory mounting holes.

  • 17 degree approach angle that stops the trenching.

  • EXIT coil over shocks or upgrade to Fox air shocks.

  • Weight saving 20-30 lbs. depending on model of sled.

Complete 162” skid at 38 lbs. $2490.00 208-468-1073