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2008-2014 Nytro Custom Long Track Kit 144” Skid Relocation

2008-2014 Nytro

Custom Long Track Kit 144” Skid Relocation

144-1Update your 121” Nytro to a 144” long track kit with a relocated skid. This kit also increases the footprint on the snow and improves the stock approach angle of 30° to a phenomenal 17° to 20° depending on front limiting strap adjustment. This new approach angle allows the sled to get up on top of the snow better with less trenching, better traction, acceleration and powder flotation with adjustable ski pressure brackets. You will also notice that it gives you a smoother ride quality in rough terrain with increased stopping power.

144-2All tunnel extensions are plastic coated aluminum sheets that are laser cut and are CNC formed to eliminate break marks and scratches during manufacturing. All kits come complete with laser cut rivet holes and bracket cutouts with all welded seams. All kits come with a full set of bumper support brackets that strengthens the tunnel for a small rack, lifting and towing.

Also available are the 151”, 159” and 162” long track kits with a new lightweight skid.

Custom Rails with Hyfax Extensions

144-3The rail extensions are made of aircraft aluminum and are CNC machined for accuracy. The raised island on the rail extension locks into your stock rail slot for added strength and durability. Each set of rails are custom sized for your application and come complete with all top quality hardware for installation. Billet Hyfax extensions give you the ability to run full length hyfax for added strength, duribility and better looks.

Tracks sold at dealer cost with kits

2008-2014 Nytro-FX-RTX Long Track Kits

121″ To 141″ 2.00″ x 141″ $375.00 **

121″ To 144″ 1.25″ x 144″ $375.00 **

121″ To 144″ 1.50″ x 144″ $375.00 **

121″ To 144″ 2.00″ x 144″ $375.00 **

121″ To 144″ 2.25″ x 144″ $375.00 **

** Includes full billet hyfax extensions All long track kit parts are

Also sold separately