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2008-2014 Exhaust System – Nytro

2008-2014 Exhaust System – Nytro

New light weight exhaust system for the 2008-14 Nytro 4-stroke that is 7 ½ lbs lighter than stock. It is ceramic coated and boasts a 3-4 hp gain with only 1-2 db louder with excellent sound quality. This exhaust system is designed to install using all factory mounts, plus the exhaust outlet port is turned to keep the exhaust off your storage rack and tunnel.

No need for new fuels controller box.

2008-2014 Nytro Exhaust System $350.00


2008-2014 Light Weight Gel Battery –

New light weight super sealed gel type battery that shaves weight off the front, but still has 246 cranking amps along with a 14 amp-hour capacity. . This gel type battery is a higher grade battery then factory batteries and will work better and last twice as long.

$135.00 208-468-1073