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Motor Mods and Big Bores


Our custom porting and head work adds 10-14 HP and 6-9 Ft/Lbs of increased torque, with “stock” reliability. With our shop sleds to test with, we have found the balance between high horsepower and good reliability. All porting is hand profiled along with CNC machined head work to properly maintain squish and volume. Complete big bore and machine work on cases, cylinder, head with coating is approximatly $2500.00.

Complete upper end kit with gasket set for stock    700cc  $425.00


    Bore Kits 750cc parts only           $435.00

Motor parts, bearing, seals, cranks, pistons, cylinder, gasket sets and much more also available.

Complete upper end with gasket set for stock 700cc $425.00

New style Yamaha wrist pin bearings $36.00 each

Service Manual: 1997-2005 Triple Cylinder Motors $40.00


Motor_Mods_and_Big_Bores__4Let your Yamaha triple Motor_Mods_and_Big_Bores__3breathe like it should. These triple pipes come with a canister and not noisy glass packs. With no loss of reliability, these triple pipes increase horsepower along with a clean fit and finish. Each set of pipes comes complete with custom setup instructions designed towards your sled and riding conditions.

Motor_Mods_and_Big_Bores__5600/700 cc Triples 18 hp to 25 hp+ $920.00

Triple Viper Pipes 33 hp+ $920.00

Ceramic Coating $400.00                     208-468-1073