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Lightweight Exhaust

Nytro-Apex-All Models, RX-1, RX-1 Warrior, Mountain RX-1

The new lightweight steel ceramic coated exhaust system replaces the Yamaha RX-1 OEM system with 11 pound weight savings. The new exhaust system increases horsepower by 4 and is only 1to 2 bd louder than stock. There are no moving parts inside the muffler to break and the exhaust ports are slightly kicked up to help eliminate black exhaust marks on tunnel and use of rack. This new lightweight exhaust system is easy to install and will compensate for Yamaha’s over jetting.

No need for new fuel controller box.

Lightweight Exhaust $550.00

Rx-1                                                                                   Apex


2008-2014 Nytro No need for new fuel controller box. $350.00

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