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Light Weight Rear Suspension Drop Plates

Light_Weight_Rear_Supension_Drop_Plates__1Lightweight drop plates are made of aircraft aluminum and are CNC machined for a perfect fit and finish. They are half the weight and are stronger than stock. Available for Hartman Inc Long track kits.

Completed Kit with Mounting Hardware starting at: $95.00

Light_Weight_Rear_Supension_Drop_Plates__2 Light_Weight_Rear_Supension_Drop_Plates__3 Light_Weight_Rear_Supension_Drop_Plates__4

97-99 Mountain Max                00-05 Mountain Max                   02-05 Mountain Viper

Hartman Kit 97-05                  Short Tracks Hartman Kit           03-05 RX-1 Hartman Kit

Note On all yamaha skids if you move skid in tunnel it will bind and may break parts thay are linking skids.

Bumper Support Brackets

Sierra Exif JPEG$25.00

All long track kits come complete with rivets bolts bumper and bumper support brackets. The bumper support brackets strengthen the tunnel for lifting and towing. Also parts are sold separately. 208-468-1073