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Hartman Philosophy

Hartman, Inc. Established Since 1984

Building Mountain Sleds before there were Mountain Sleds…


Hartman Inc.’s Philosophy

Because of the unlimited variations that altitude, model of snowmobile, rider weight, and type of terrain you prefer to ride in, it is important to discuss over the phone options that will work best for you. We provide custom set-ups for each individual customer NOT one size fits all. Please be patient, Tom Hartman (owner) will personally help you with your order.

We are Yamaha specialists. Our goal is to supply our customers with the highest quality long track kit available for your Yamaha snowmobile. “Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities,” while taking advantage of modern laser cutting and CNC machining. We also seek out and test after market performance products on the snow against the competition not relying on dyno sheets or marketing hype. Because, you can’t tell your buddy you beat him on paper, you have to show him your taillight! Giving our customers technical advice from what we have learned on the snow using two identical shop sleds to compare new products and performance tuning is what we have built our business on. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER I WILL CALL YOU BACK

The reason our prices may be higher than other aftermarket companies follows the old adages “Cheaper is not better” and “You get what you pay for”. This is your pride and joy we’re talking about. Our kits don’t have any exposed cooler hoses because we want our products to look as good as they perform. We were also looking ahead with the 141″ kit. We have ability to easily upgrade it to a 144″ track with the only addition being small rail extensions for track tension adjustment. That’s why the Yamaha dealers come to us. Shouldn’t you? We have actually had dealers order our kit and a kit from another aftermarket company, and they ended up sending back the other, stating our kit was better in every aspect except price, but it is worth it.

ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, 4% Credit Card fees on all orders

Canada Customers

NO Duty Nafta Agreement

NO Broker Fees

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