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Handle Bar Riser

Handle_Bar_Riser__1Increase your handling and control by installing handle bar risers. These risers raise the stock handle bars by 1 inch which increases your leverage to improve your control. These risers do not require cable extensions for throttle, oil and brake cables.

Handle Bar Riser 1”  $29.00

Handle Bar Riser 2” $35.00

Left Side Throttle and Grab Bar

Sierra Exif JPEG

This new left throttle is what I have needed for 40 years of riding. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Now I look forward to side hilling because I am in control not the sled. With all my weight on the left side of the sled I can make it do exactly what I want and when I want. The left side throttle is one of the best things I have done to my sled. Single finger action with simple easy to follow installations.

Complete Left Finger Throttle Kit $120.00

Grab Bar $49.00 208-468-1073