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Sierra Exif JPEGHartman Inc. stocks a full line of lightweight gears and chains for all elevation and riding styles for your Yamaha snowmobile. Yamaha traditionally over geared their snowmobiles about 10%. With the correct gear setup, your snowmobile will accelerate harder and have more top end. Pictured is the popular Nytro-Apex, RX-1, Viper and MM setup: 21 tooth and 42 tooth gears with a stock 70 link chain for mountain application.

21 and 42 Toothed Gear Set $105.00 and up

Gearing__2Hardened Axle

Yamaha now has a hardened shaft for your drive axle. This axle is must for the 1997-1999 models years due to weak shafts.

Yamaha Hardened Axle $195.00

Anti-Ratchet Drivers

Sierra Exif JPEGWe have found that if you increase the track tension enough to stop the ratcheting it will cause suspension binding, which has resulted in bent suspension parts, and broken drive shafts. Also the increased tension will cause excessive wear on the hyfax where the track meets the rails. This significantly decreases horsepower to the track because of increased friction. These new anti-ratchet drivers allow you to run your track looser that will eliminate binding and drag during suspension compression creating a smooth quality ride. You will get more horsepower to the snow by decreasing track tension and friction. For use on all fully clipped open window tracks only. Wow, 2010 Yamaha is now using No-Slip Drivers, but it only took 20 years. The bad news is the timing is wrong on Yamaha drivers, the driver tips melt back when you get the clips super hot.

New this year is the no slip anti-ratchet drive sprockets. Each sprocket drives off two track lugs and track clip. Extra long center hub eliminates hex shaft slippage. For use on all fully clipped or open window tracks only.

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

8 Tooth 2.52  $195.00

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

9 Tooth 2.52  $195.00

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

7 Tooth 3.0    $195.00                              

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

 7 Tooth 2.86  $195.00


All come with install sheet to help you install properly

OEM Drivers (set of 4) $170.00  208-468-1073