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Custom Rail Extensions

Custom_Rail_Extensions__1The rail extensions are made of aircraft aluminum and are CNC machined for accuracy. The raised island on the rail extension locks into your stock rail slot for added strength and durability. Each set of rails are custom sized for your application and come complete with all the hardware for installation. All rail extensions have a life time warranty

Custom Rail Extension $100.00

Custom_Rail_Extensions__2Hyfax Rail Extensions

Hyfax extensions are optional and will fit 7 ½” long rails and up. Hyfax extensions give you the ability to run full length hyfax for added strength and better looks.

Hyfax Extensions $60.00

New for 2010-2014  new rail extensions with billet hyfax extensions are now available for the Mono Shock II suspension with the larger rear axle and outside track adjusters. $175.00 a set

Sizes 121” to 128”                    121” to 136”

           136” to 144”                   136” to 151”

Custom_Rail_Extensions__3 208-468-1073