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Custom Clutch Set-Up: All 4-stroke and 2-stroke Yamaha Snowmobiles

Custom Clutch Set-Up: All 4-stroke and 2-stroke

Yamaha Snowmobiles


I ask each buyer about rider weight, altitude, motor, output and other variables so I can supply a complete clutch kit that will work best for the individual customer’s sled. The primary clutch (drive) controls engine RPM, the secondary clutch (driven) controls up shift acceleration and back shift, keeping track speed high. We also prefer to run multi-angle billet helixes with custom angles matched to each customer’s sled.

Custom_Clutch_Set-Up__2Please inspect your primary clutch for heat cracks in the bottom of sheaves. If the heat cracks are ignored, the clutch will blow-up causing damage to several other parts, and cost you a fortune in repairs. We offer a reliable and very tunable balanced Polaris P-85 Primary Clutch for the Yamaha triple. In five years of testing the P-85, it shows less wear and improved belt performance.


Yamaha Custom Primary Clutch Weights  $195.00

Custom Cut Billet Helix        $170.00

Custom Secondary Spring   $45.00

Nytro,Apex, RX-1 Dalton Adjustable

Weights for Turbos and S/C $195.00 and up


Polaris P-85 HD Clutch                    $599.00

Yamaha Install Kit                                 $20.00

Custom Setup  adjustable Weights  $195.00

** See Apex-RX-1 Clutching for New TEAM Performance Secondary Clutch **         208-468-1073