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Anti-Ratchet and Tunnel Update

2008-2014 Nytro-FX-RTX-MTX-XTX

2006-2010 Apex -RTX-GT-ER

2006-2010 Apex LTX-Attak-RX-1

2004-2005 RX-1 WarriorAnti-Ratchet_and_Tunnel_Update__1

2003-2005 Mountain Viper

1997-2005 Mountain Max

Anti-Ratchet Drive and Tunnel Update:

With seven years experience on Yamaha pro-action rear suspension on the 700 Mountain Max and Viper, we feel the new 4-stroke models do have the same ratcheting problems. Now Yamaha for selected 2010 models have designed there own version. The bad news is the timing is wrong on Yamaha drivers, the driver tips melt back when you get the track clips super hot. The increased torque and horsepower of the 4-stroke models along with the partially clipped track and old style drivers will cause the track to ratchet.

We have found that if you increase the track tension enough to stop the ratcheting it will cause suspension binding, which has resulted in bent suspension parts, and broken drive shafts. Also the increased tension will cause excessive wear on the hyfax where the track meets the rails. This significantly decreases horsepower to the track because of increased friction. These new anti-ratchet drivers allow you to run your track looser that will eliminate binding and drag during suspension compression creating a smooth quality ride. You will get more horsepower to the snow by decreasing track tension and friction. For use on all fully clipped open window tracks only.

New this year is the no slip anti-ratchet drive sprockets. Each sprocket drives off two track lugs and track clip. Extra long center hub eliminates hex shaft slippage. For use on all fully clipped open window tracks.

We are also very disappointed with Yamaha’s RX-1 stock 136” and stockAnti-Ratchet_and_Tunnel_Update__2 151” tunnel extension and now offer a new tapered tunnel that follows the bulkhead body line, and has a more uniform look than the factory extension. The kit will also accept 151”, 156”, 159” and 162” length tracks. This new tapered design will also allow for more clearance in the rear when the rear suspension is fully compressed.

New Style Tapered Tunnel Extension Kit $245.00

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

8-tooth $195.00

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

9-tooth $195.00

No-Slip Anti-Ratchet Drivers

7-tooth $195.00

Rail Extension Kit $100.00

Billet Hyfax extension Kit $60.00

Round Alum bumper Kit   $85.00

Bumper support brackets $25.00