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2003-2005 RX-1

Update your 2003-2005 121” RX-1 to 136”, 141” or 144” long track kit.RX-1__1 This long track kit increases performance by increasing the footprint. With this increase of track on the snow it will improve traction, acceleration, and powder flotation. You will also notice that it gives you a smoother ride quality in rough terrain and increased stopping power.

All tunnel extensions are plastic coated aluminum sheets that are laser cut and are CNC formed to eliminate break marks and scratches during manufacturing. All seams are welded and kits come complete with lightweight round aluminum bumper that does not hurt your fingers and a full set of bumper support brackets that strengthens the tunnel for lifting and towing Also high volume rear cooler sheet. Owner, Tom Hartman, has spent hundreds of hours in designing and building them to achieve the highest quality and cleanest fit and finish. The kit also includes detailed full color instructions.

RX-1__2 RX-1__2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2003-2005 RX-1 Long Track Kits RX-1__4

Tracks sold at dealer cost with kits Kit Only

121″ To 136″ 1.25″ x 136″ $335.00 **

121″ To 136″ 1.50″ x 136″ $335.00 **

121″ To 144″            x 144″ $380.00 **

151”162” With lightweight skid

** Includes full billet hyfax extensions

New Style Tapered Tunnel Kit only $245.00

** Includes billet hyfax extensions