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Hartman Inc. is All the Further you Need to Look for The Best Performance at the Best ValueTom Hartman established HARTMAN, INC. in 1984 with help from his two sons (free labor) in the snow-covered city of Bend, Oregon. The natural beauty of Mt. Bachelor and the surrounding mountains were beacons for Tom Hartman a “Steep and Deep” snow enthusiast.

In 1984 the YAMAHA PHAZER was the lightweight powder king. In true American fashion Tom Hartman made modifications to this snowmobile because nothing from the factory is ever fast enough, has enough horsepower or climbs high enough. The first things to be approached were the exhaust, clutching, carburetor modifications, porting and headwork. Now that he had found the engines potential for horsepower traction became the issue. This is where his ingenuity came in. He searched for a longer deeper lug track that would be better suited for the deep powder found in western riding conditions.

Contacting every track manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada to see what was available he found a 133″ long track with 3/4″ lug height this was the “Monster Track” of its day. Now that he had a track he had to figure out how to make it fit. He started with the slide rails building an extension to move the rear idler wheels back to accommodate the extra length of the track and a tunnel extension to fit when the suspension was fully compressed. The clearance between the drivers and the front of the tunnel wasn’t an issue with the 3/4″ lug height. All the parts were built by hand and the prototype sled was tested on the snow. It worked great!

The only problem was he had no one to ride with because no one could keep up when there was 3 feet of fresh powder and he was going boondocking up in the high country. At this point it was only a hobby but then he started suppling long track kits for his friends and then their friends couldn’t keep up. You see where this is going? It turned into a full time job giving technical advice, selling long track kits and performance products in the U.S. and Canada.

We are Yamaha specialists our goal is to supply our Customers with the highest quality long track kit available for your Yamaha snowmobile. “Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities”. Taking advantage of modern plasma or laser cutting and CNC machining. We also seek out and test after market performance products on the snow against the competition not relying on dyno sheets or marketing hype because you can’t tell your buddy you beat him on paper you have to show him your taillight. Giving our customers technical advice from what we have learned on the snow using two identical shop sleds to compare new products and performance tuning is what we have built our business on.

…“The reason our prices may be higher than other aftermarket companies follows the old adages, “cheaper is not better and you get what you pay for”. This is your pride and joy we’re talking about. Why would you want install low quality aftermarket parts that don’t fit properly and don’t look factory on your sled?”

…”That’s why the Yamaha dealers come to us. Shouldn’t you? We have actually had dealers order our kit and a kit from other aftermarket companies and they always ended up sending back the other kit. They then would call and state our kit was better in every aspect except price, but it’s worth it.”
Who needs a long track kit? Anyone who gets off the groomed trail. The majority of snowmobiles were designed for the groomed trails of the eastern U.S. This is where the heaviest population of snowmobile buyers are located that’s why the manufacturers build and market so many short track lake racers. Until recently if you wanted a mountain muscle sled you had to build your own. That’s where Hartman Inc. can provide the experience and technical expertise to help you and we’ve been doing it since 1984. With a new long track kit you will have better flotation, which keeps you on top of the snow instead of digging a trench and getting stuck in it, downhill and trail breaking distances are also substantially improved.

Hartman Inc. will help you with a long track kit to your individual needs and has the technical expertise keep you top dog. Prices start at $100.00 and go up to $500.00 not including track. The kits are made to be installed by an individual with a good working knowledge of snowmobiles and having the tools required to perform the installation. Each kit comes with fully illustrated installation instructions and all hardware and templates needed. Time to install is 4hrs for a first timer with some help.


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