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2014-2016 Viper


MCXpress Turbo Kits.                                                     

Special Pricing August -September 



Tom has selected MCXpress Turbo kits because they are the best in the industry. 

Do you want a snowmobile that is much faster than any stock machine on the market, but with reliability and drivability in the same class as a standard 4-stroke sled? Then consider this turbo kit. The installation is very easy. We use the high quality Mitsubishi TD04HL16T turbo. The turbo pressure is automatically compensated for high altitude, so you have the same power everywhere, and you can use the same clutching even at high altitude. The response is super quick and it makes it so nice to drive. The MCX gen 5 EFI-box controls the stock injectors. They are big enough to deliver fuel up to about 190+ hp. After that, it starts to lean out, so we don’t recommend adjusting it any higher. If you want even more power, take a look at our 270+ hp turbo kit. As an option, there is a possibility to adjust the boost and fuel map from a PC.

This take yours stock 130 hp sled and boosts the power to 190+ hp or a massive 270+ hp!

190+ hp Kit      $4195.00

270+ hp Kit      $5995.00

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Custom Primary Clutching and Matching Secondary Clutch Kit

I will custom build you a Primary and secondary to match your sled and riding style. This is one of the biggest improvements on the Yamaha.  I ask each buyer about rider weight, altitude, motor, output and other variables so I can supply a complete clutch kit that will work best for the individual customer’s sled.  The primary clutch (drive) controls engine RPM, the secondary clutch (driven) controls up shift acceleration and back shift, keeping track speed high.  We also prefer to run multi-angle billet helixes with custom angles matched to each customer’s sled. Clutch rollers and bushings may need to be changed on some applications

The proper clutch setup is must on boosted sleds.  When you increase the torque and horsepower on the engine, adding a rivet or changing a spring does not get the true horsepower to the track. 

Custom Primary Clutch Set-up:     Call for Tom for pricing

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