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2008-14 Nytro MTX

2008 – 2014 Nytro MTX

Custom Long Track Kits

Update your 153″ Nytro MTX to a 156″, 162″ or 174″ long track. This long track kit improves performance by increasing the footprint on the snow which allows better traction, acceleration and powder flotation. Also available are 153″, 156″, 162″ and 174″ long track kits with a new lightweight skid.

Update your 08-14 Nytro from 153″ to the new 162″ x 2 1/4″ Power Claw or the Camoplast Challenger Extreme  162″ x 2 1/2″.

Complete 162″ Challenger Extreme Track with Kit:     $ 1200.00

Complete 162″ Power Claw Track with complete kit:     $ 1200.00

Warning:  If you are running a 2 1/2″ Camoplast Challenger Extreme track it works well, but we have found that if you cut it down to 2 1/4″ it increases clearance between the front cooler and the lower exhaust pan.  With this larger clearance, it allows for higher track speed due allowing snow and air to pass thru the tunnel quickly.

All tunnel extensions are plastic coated aluminum sheets that are laser cut and are CNC formed to eliminate break marks and scratches during manufacturing. All kits come complete with laser cut rivet holes and bracket cutouts. All kits come with a full set of bumper support brackets that strengthens the tunnel for small rack and lifting and towing.

153″ TO 162″ 153″ To 174″
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Custom Rails with optional Hyfax Extensions

The rail extensions are made of aircraft aluminum and are CNC machined for accuracy. The raised island on the rail extension locks into your stock rail slot for added strength and durability. Each set of rails are custom sized for your application and come complete with all top quality hardware for installation. Hyfax extensions give you the ability to run full length hyfax for added strength, duribility and better looks. All rail extensions have a life time warranty. All long track kits parts are also sold separately.

2008-2014 Nytro MTX Long Track Kits

153″ To 156″ 1.50″ x 156″ $100.00
153″ To 159″ 2.00″ x 159″ $100.00
153″ To 162″ 2.25″ x 162″ $245.00
153″ To 151″ 2.50″ x 151″ $100.00
153″ To 162″ 2.50″ x 162″ $245.00
153″ To 174″ 2.50″ x 174″ $355.00 **

** with full hyrax extension

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Light Weight Exhaust, Simmons Skis, Custom Clutching, Custom Gearing,                                                      Lightweight Skids with 17 degree approach angle.




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